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"What is tested on the LSAT?" 
"How is it scored?" 
"How do I start preparing?" 

Our LSAT Starter Guide will answer all those questions and more, and will help you craft a study plan that works best for your unique study time frame and preferences.

The LSAT Starter Guide includes:
  • An overview of the test—logistics, question types, scoring, study plans
  • Directions for how to take your first practice LSAT—Take a digital test or print out a paper test, it's up to you!
  • Links to our Virtual Proctor and Score Reporting tool—Test yourself under timed conditions, then enter your results and create your preparation game plan
  • Helpful articles and tips from our top LSAT instructors ​​
​Get the LSAT Starter Guide today and start your journey towards your goal LSAT score.

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